Are you dying of indigestion or starvation?

Businesses are more likely to die of indigestion (overeating) than starvation. In startup mode, businesses are often big eater’s. They want to do and try everything. In scale-up mode, that type of over-eating can be dangerous and waste your team’s time. So, how do you control your appetite? I recommend using a document called PSPOT, […]

Keeping a High Performance Mindset Whilst Working Remotely

Anecdotal evidence suggests that shifting to remote work is a boon for productivity, with some remote workers reporting that they are more productive working from home as opposed to in the office. Recent research, however, shows that the opposite might be true, especially in long-term work-from-home setups. A study conducted by software firm Names & Faces on […]

The 5 skills employees will need in tomorrow’s workplace

Covid-19 has created enormous changes in the workplace. Regardless of their jobs, employees needed to adapt rapidly to massive changes ranging from working remotely to changes in operations. As businesses continue to operate in a pandemic and plan for the future, here are some of the essential skills that I believe employees will need for […]

How Covid-19 will permanently change the future of work

The future of work will never be the same. It has changed permanently as a result of Covid-19. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said, “We have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.” Before the pandemic, 70% of employees believed going into the office wasn’t necessary. As we emerge from this pandemic, […]

How to create a high performing team….

Building a successful team is not a task you can achieve overnight. It’s a complex process that requires your efforts as a leader. Communication, cooperation, and resource allocation are three main factors to pay attention to. The five steps explained below will help you improve your teamwork and productivity as a team. Define the Purpose […]

How to improve team accountability

Often leaders find personal accountability comes naturally. Being reliable, achieving predictable results, communicating expectations and results effectively, accepting responsibility for their actions, etc. are all things that got them where they are. However, once you become a leader, personal accountability won’t cut it anymore. Now, you also have to cultivate accountability in your team with […]

5 Employees You Should Fire Now

Over the years I’ve worked with just about every type of employee you can think of and, in my experience, there are more or less five kinds of people you simply have to get rid of, no ifs ands or buts, and sooner rather than later. They overpromise and underdeliver Some people have inflated self-images […]

5 Rules for Great Teamwork

It’s natural, as a business leader, to want to give the majority of your attention to what’s new and exciting. However, it’s just as important that this doesn’t take away from the things that will get you to those new and exciting opportunities—such as effective teamwork. Establishing the ‘rules of the game’ and values is […]

3 Ways to Improve Communication During High Growth

When a business moves into high growth, there are several new problems that often manifest themselves. Most of these issues are related to disruptions in communication as new positions are formed and old positions are closed. In order to overcome these issues, here are three tips that will help you improve the communication processes in […]

How leaders discover new ideas in their lunch breaks

A great way, I learned whilst at Alliance Boots, to develop connection, belonging and an employees self worth in a company’s culture is for the MD (Managing Director) to have lunch with small groups of cross-functional employees on a regular basis. The spirit of this MD Lunch program is to spend an hour with the […]