The essential skills to build an effective team in 2023….

In 2023, the concept of a high-functioning team looks a lot different than it did in 2010. Thanks to evolving technology and work-from-home rates, nearly 37% of UK employees work remotely at some point in the previous seven days. As a result, business goals for 2023 must consider new markets and onboarding new staff. With this in mind, there are seven skills essential to teams in 2023.

The first skill is data security. With cybercrime becoming more efficient and intelligent, employees must remain vigilant. Multi-factor authentication tools and VPNs create strong perimeters around a company’s data. Employees should be trained to spot phishing attempts and how to report them. They should also be encouraged to purchase from secure sites and know how to utilize security measures to protect privacy and company safety.

Equity and inclusion are also crucial skills in 2023. Diverse companies outperform homogenous peers by 36%, and diverse teams focus on facts and are more innovative. Soft skills like empathy, flexibility of thought, and the ability to confront biases can be great assets to your team.

Communication is key in remote workplaces. Encouraging small talk in the workplace can provide opportunities for individuals to feel connected, fostering cohesive functionality as a team. Strong communication skills can also impact business externally, providing happy customers that lead to repeat consumers.

Resilience is an undervalued skill that can make a large impact on someone’s work. It’s often associated with job satisfaction, engagement, and happiness in the workplace. Company leadership can teach this valuable human trait, impacting the culture of your team.

Digital marketing is another essential skill in 2023, with tech-savvy marketers propelling businesses into successful fiscal years. It’s important to have key folks on your team who are experts in this field, reaching target audiences quickly and creatively.

Finally, empathy is changing the way companies interact both internally and externally. Empathetic workers encourage effective communication, monitor for burnout, and provide safe spaces for conversation about diversity and inclusion issues. It can enhance leadership skills and management to individual contributor relations.

In conclusion, a high-functioning team in 2023 is vastly different from what it was in 2010. With technology and work-from-home rates only increasing, businesses must consider new skills essential to teams. These include data security, equity and inclusion, communication, resilience, digital marketing, and empathy. By adopting these skills, teams can thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace.


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