Are you dying of indigestion or starvation?

Businesses are more likely to die of indigestion (overeating) than starvation. In startup mode, businesses are often big eater’s. They want to do and try everything. In scale-up mode, that type of over-eating can be dangerous and waste your team’s time. So, how do you control your appetite? I recommend using a document called PSPOT, […]

Insightful questions for high growth companies

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, every management decision is motivated by a desire to find answers to very specific questions. People who succeed in organisations or business tend to be problem solvers. They have to be, because the business environment is becoming increasingly complex. But all solutions start with insightful questions. Below I […]

The Key to Growth

The key to growth is rarely found in finding the “right” answer. Answers change because the environment changes. Charles Darwin is famous for his theory of Survival of the Fittest. What is interesting is his definition of “fittest.” It is not the biggest, fastest, strongest or smartest…. it is the most adaptable. It turns out […]

How to develop your strategy

I often come across companies that make strategy much harder than it needs to be. For some, the problem is that they focus too much on the latest strategy tools: SWOT analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, financial modelling, etc. Other people struggle because they think it’s all about the broad, conceptual, big picture stuff but […]

Staying Focused on a Great Strategy

Strategy is an overused and often misunderstood word. Yet a strategy, when properly understood and implemented, focuses the team on a core problem and gives you a framework to prioritise limited resources. Think of when you are hammering a nail: when you hit the nail on its head, you focus all the force of the […]

The decisions all Managing Directors must own….

Managing Directors face countless decisions.  The best executives understand which ones they need to focus on and which ones they can delegate.  While the obvious decisions that Managing Directors need to get right involve strategy, too many executives delegate away three key decisions that they need to own:  decisions about goals, resource allocation, and people. […]

How to Focus on Growth Initiatives…..

As a director or senior manager of a company, part of your role must be to define and implement new growth initiatives. However if you are like most of my clients (and me!) you probably never feel like you have enough time to devote to those important projects. Often the activities with the most learning […]

Why High Growth Companies Stop Growing….

We’ve all come across examples of high growth companies that suddenly hit the wall. However the reality behind many of these companies whether large or small is that periodic slowdowns are inevitable, even if the company is fundamentally solid. That doesn’t mean that the leadership team can’t do anything to slow the decline or reverse […]

A Key Question to Ask Whilst Developing your Strategy

As I work with high growth companies to develop their leading edge strategies one question I always ask is: If I ran a competing firm, how would I beat you? Which weakness would I attack? What would distinguish this new firm and seize business from your current one? Then do this: Eliminate that weakness. It […]

High Growth Leader’s “Sixth Sense”

To start a business going, you need entrepreneurial vision. To keep it performing at a high level day to day, you need constant operational focus. However to survive for the long run, you need a different kind of skill, a sixth sense. It is this skill that creates trues high performance leaders. Most leaders aren’t […]