The changes business needs to be ready for in 2022

Over the past two years, the business landscape has changed dramatically because of the pandemic. As the global economy continue to move towards a post-pandemic future in 2022, businesses need to adapt to the changing landscape to not only survive but thrive.

As you move into planning for 2022 here are seven changes you need to take into consideration

1. Purpose overrides product features

Businesses no longer exist simply to make profits. Leading brands are competing and excelling because they have a clearly defined purpose. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends, having a purpose has changed from “aspiration to strategic priority.”

Brands growing at a rate of 10% or above are turning purpose into action in a more comprehensive manner than those growing at slower rates. Consider why you are doing what you are doing and make explicit your purpose.

2. Customer knowledge is redefined

The most successful companies understand that their customers are at the centre of every decision they make.

To be able to reach customers efficiently and cost effectively, businesses need to understand their customer segments. Few companies have only one type of customer whom they can address in their marketing. Defining customer personas and dividing them into clear segments allows your business to target each segment specifically.

3. Increased customer expectations

Customer expectations continue to rise: Consumers expect a seamless experience from your business as soon as they choose to connect with you.

Creating these experiences is only possible if you utilise the power of technology and data. Both will help you create a personalised and relevant customer experience when existing and prospective customers interact with you.

4. Marketing strategies turn into customer journeys

Businesses may still talk about marketing strategies, but they are really trying to understand customer journeys.

This holistic view of the business means taking into account all interactions customers have with you. From the first ad someone sees to searching for information on your website, making a purchase and navigating after-sales service — all are crucial parts of the customer journey.

Customers having a bad experience with one step in their customer journey are less likely to become repeat customers or recommend your business.

5. Marketing needs to be at the centre of your growth strategy

The pandemic has elevated marketing from one of many cost centres of a business to the heart of everything your company does. To guarantee growth and prosperity, marketing needs to be firmly at the centre of your growth strategy.

Over the past two years, all businesses I work with have integrated marketing at the senior leadership level. Forward-thinking businesses now have the opportunity to ensure marketing remains at the heart of the company to ensure its growth.

6. Digital transformation is everything

If your business has not yet started embracing digital technology, wait no longer. Utilising technology allows you to understand the touchpoints of your customer journey better. It will also enable you to create truly personalised experiences for your customers.

Rather than removing the human element from your interaction with your customers, digital tools allow you to make interactions more personal. Depending on your product or service, you may even be able to deliver personalised products.

7. B2B becomes B2C

B2B environments are not immune to those changes. B2B buyers are now largely part of the digitally comfortable, millennial generation. They no longer expect to do business at trade shows and through product trials.

To adapt to this changing market, B2B companies need to focus on creating B2C-like experiences for their customers. When you are interacting with a B2B buyer, never forget that you are effectively interacting with another person rather than a faceless business.

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