Tank PR Case Study

Six years ago, Trevor Palmer founded his PR agency, Tank PR. Since then, the company has grown to a team of almost 20 people, with a complete service offering including SEO and social media alongside the public relations work. Tank now boasts one of the most enviable client lists in the Midlands, including national and international companies.

As a high growth business, the agency was in the perfect place for coaching and strategic advice from Stuart Ross. Here, Trevor Palmer explains how working with High Growth helped him and his business to move to the next level.

I met Stuart initially at one of those really dull networking events we’ve all endured at one point or another. We had a great conversation, and I could see Stuart’s passion, but it wasn’t until he was working with a friend as an advisor a couple of years later that we began to talk properly.

Working with Stuart and High Growth has really helped us to measure the right things, predict growth and know where to focus. Stuart also advised we think about what to throw away in order to maintain the vision we want, something which I had never really considered before working with High Growth.

Thanks to High Growth, our approach to business has changed massively. We are now far more focused and confident, which has helped us to define ourselves in the PR world and, more importantly of course, the self-belief to truly impress our current and potential clients.

While working with High Growth we have seen 30 per cent growth year on year, almost 100 per cent staff retention and a far above industry average for retaining clients. We were so impressed with Stuart’s input that we brought him on to the Tank board as a non-executive director.

Stuart’s personal involvement goes as far as to our senior team at Tank, all of which are receiving individual coaching to help them effectively use their skills and harness their potential. He is a vital part of board meetings and is at hand for any questions that come our way.

When I first started Tank, on my own in a small room, I set a rather ambitious goal, to achieve a turnover of over £1million. Through good advice, an excellent team and a brilliant mix of clients, we are very close to achieving this goal. We were always on track to get there, but we are now doing it in a faster, more intelligent, sustainable and measurable way.

On a personal level, I’ve had to become a lot more accountable to more than just clients. In six years Tank has grown from me alone with only a few clients, to an agency of nearly 20 staff with national and international clients, all of who need to be kept happy and enthused.

With strong foundations in place already, High Growth helped enormously to grow our team and services sustainably. I would absolutely recommend High Growth to other businesses – it may well be the best call we ever made.


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