How to set your 2021 goals

As we come to the end of 2020, now is a time for both reflection and planning for 2021. For any leader this starts with goal setting. To help you with this, below are some of my favourite goal setting exercises. Identify Personal Values Identifying your core values is vital for effective goal setting. To […]

How to align employees with company goals

A common challenge many CEOs, I am coaching, are currently facing is how to achieve and maintain alignment to the company goals across the business for the whole year. For everyone on your senior leadership team, this job should never end. As CEO, you are the driver, the one person who can have the greatest […]

4 Steps to Get Back on Track with your Goals

Most people start pursuing their goals with great passion and excitement. However over time, they lose momentum and eventually burn out. If you can relate to this, below are 4 strategies to help you get back on track: Evaluate Your Motivation If you’ve lost momentum towards your goals, the first thing to do is confirm […]

How to keep the momentum going in 2012…..

The New Year often brings renewed energy and enthusiasm, and for many, a vision of how 2012 will be different from previous year. Some will even have specific resolutions or goals in mind. The year has obviously changed to 2012 as it was simply a function of time. The real question to ask ourselves is […]

How to develop a plan

Planning is preparatory to action. Analytically at least, planning must be separated from implementation so that the major policy decisions can be taken and their implications understood prior to action Here’s 9 Steps to Develop a Plan for Action 1 Express your solution as a series of goals Having agreed on a solution to a […]

Why Planning is so Important…..

In his book, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School,” Mark McCormak made and interesting discovery about the 1979 graduating MBA class. Within the group, 3% had written goals, 13% had thought of some goals and the balance were just thrilled to be out of school (I am sure you remember those feelings). […]

Setting the big Goal

Here is the million dollar question: why are you in business and what do you want to achieve from your business; in effect, what is your ultimate goal for you and your business? Many business owners I come across have either forgotten what their big goal is, had no idea in the first place or […]

Setting Your Goals

Setting Your Goals. It’s ok to admit it, most business owners go through the entire year without a real clear picture of the goals they have for their business. Just going through the paces, week after week, without a clue whether they are ahead or behind. I think the reason most business owners do this […]

Surviving the Winter

Snow is falling across the country causing travel chaos and disruption. Like the weather we are also enduring one of the harshest economic winters. In economic winter, things are clearly different to the summer. In the summer, we should be making and storing money (like hay) to see us through tougher times ahead. If you […]

The Niagra Syndrome

Over the Christmas period, as you reflect on 2011and plan for 2012 make sure you avoid the ‘Niagra syndrome’: Life is like a river for many people, they just jump in the river of life with out ever deciding where they want to end up, so they quickly get caught up in the current, current […]