4 Customer experience trends to reflect on

From talking to both clients and many businesses over the last year one thing is clear: How to best serve customers as a company is in a state of flux. Accepting that the ways we operated in the past might not serve our business or our customers in the best way in the landscape that […]

How to check on your team’s well-being without being invasive

Supporting employee wellness is not always easy. With lockdowns, home schooling, and ever changing health news, our pre Covid strategies aren’t necessarily effective right now. Our current work days may not be ‘normal,’ but we can adapt and apply new strategies to help our teams through the good times and the bad. Here, Leaders should […]

How to lead in times of crisis

March 16, 2020 is a day destined for the history books. It is the day lockdown started in the UK whilst the markets crashed across the world. Though etched in our minds with great infamy, it’s days like these that I believe make true leaders. This is true not only for politicians but also for […]

Lessons learned from the last recession that are still true today

The economic impact of Covid-19 will be felt for a very long time. Businesses have closed, certain industries have been devasted – all leaving thosands of people without jobs. By the end of June there were 649 000 fewer people on the payroll. As we face these scary prospects and the unknown financial road ahead […]

How is your remote team’s health?

Leading a remote team is new for many managers. After the last few months, you’ve probably worked out many of the technical issues and settled into a rhythm of remote work. With businesses starting to go back to the office, some team members may remain remote due to childcare issues, pre-existing medical conditions that increase […]

5 Essential skills for the future

Over the last few months work has changed dramatically. We are now starting to think further about the future of work, what do we need to do to be ready? What do our employees need to be learning now to help them in the future? What should leaders be planning to do differently, and how […]

How do be more engaging on videoconferences

Over the last 3 months communication has moved virtual. For the next several months, and potentially much longer, the vast majority of business conferences, pitches, and presentations will continue to be this way. As a leader connecting with an audience through a screen is a challenge. The initial excitement of virtual happy hours has disappeared. […]

7 Ways to lead your team into an uncertain world

The workplace had changed. As we start to loosen Covid-19 related restrictions, businesses are emerging from Coronavirus induced hibernation. These transitions back to work are gradual. Uncertainty will remain for months as threats of a second wave of coronavirus persist. In this new world leaders must be empathetic to keep teams engaged, cohesive and forward-focused. […]

How to transition back to work as we emerge from Covid-19…

As the government starts to look at options to ease lockdown, business offices, factories, and other buildings will begin to reopen, yet the threat of COVID-19 remains. Workplaces can’t return to their earlier selves – and may never do so. So how can employers best manage the return-to-workplace transition? Early experience from Asia suggests transparency, […]