The Steps to Consistently Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences

More and more I am seeing customer experiences are becoming the great differentiator between companies. One research report from Econsultancy found that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. In that same study, 86 percent of buyers said they would pay more for a better experience.

Here are four steps to follow to transform your company into a business that consistently delivers experiences that make your customers feel like they belong with you.

  1. Set a clear vision

You have to decide in advance how you want your customers to feel whenever they interact with your business. Whether that’s empowered, excited, informed, delighted, or just plain welcome, you need to define the impact you want to have in advance, so you can put systems and plans in place that support your vision.

  1. Map out all your customer touchpoints

Delivering remarkable experiences for your customers is more than just producing quality products and services or even special events from time to time.

It is a way of being that permeates through every part of your business. That’s why you’ve got to invest some time to map out the journey your customers take with your company. As you do that, you’ll get a clear view of every possible touchpoint they may encounter before, during, and after a purchase.

  1. Identify ways to make every interaction meet your baseline standard

With a completed customer journey map in hand, you can then evaluate whether or not what you are currently doing lives up to the vision you have for the experience you want to deliver to your customers.

I love flying Virgin Atlantic. When I flew with them for business, I’ve always been blown away by the thoughtfulness on even the smallest details. From the sign in the airport that shows the measurements for carry on bags, to the uniforms of the check-in staff and flight attendants, to the full-on sleepsuits that were passed out to those flying “upper class” so we wouldn’t wrinkle our clothes during the long flight, no detail was left unattended to.

Everything you do in your business has the potential to be remarkable, even areas that seem routine.

  1. Outline distinct areas to create areas that are ripe to deliver ‘magic’ moments

Everything you do doesn’t have to become a major production. However, there are times when you will want to create special moments, often referred to as ‘magic’ moments, that will deliver experiences your customers will never forget.

These are types of experiences your customers will be compelled to tell their friends about, because they are so extraordinary.

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