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“Retreats is a unique concept for leaders in high growth organizations held over a number of days in an exclusive location. Each Retreat is tailored to your specific needs by our accredited coaches and event organizer”

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Retreats is a unique concept specifically designed for leaders in today’s business world. Each Retreat is designed to develop leaders and their direct teams, enhancing key skills that will provide and sustain your business with a clear competitive edge.

Each retreat is designed by our award winning business coaches and trainers in conjunction with our experienced event organizers, ensuring an incredible experience and maximum learning.

Before each Retreat we invest time with you to fully understand your organisation, its culture and issues before clearly defining your objectives for the event as well as the budget. We will then create a unique Retreat by tailoring the content and experience to meet your desired outcomes. Finding the very best environment for your Retreat is also an absolute imperative. This is where we work with you to find the most cost effective solutions whether it be an exclusive hotel, golf course or even a chateau. The experience then continues after the event, as our coaches remain in contact with the participants, holding them to account in implementing their learnings.
All programmes are backed up by the High Growth guarantee and as you would expect a commitment to provide the very highest of standards.

Our core Retreats address key issues in todays organisations…….

  • Strategic Retreats
  • Business Planning Retreats
  • Building Leadership Capital Retreats
  • Power Team Retreats
  • Time Mastery Retreats
  • Sales Excellence Retreats
  • Marketing Retreats

Our unique planning process ensures the Retreat achieves your objectives……

  • Pre-programme Diagnostic to understand the organization, its culture and challenges
  • Clarifying objectives and critical results with key stakeholders
  • Retreat design
  • Total organisation of the Retreat
  • Contact all participants prior to Retreat
  • Retreat delivery.
  • Clear action plan for each participant
  • Ongoing accountability contact with each participant to ensure learning is implemented

Each Retreat is totally inclusive……….

  • Coaches and Consultants for industry-specific content.
  • Facilitators to ensure your goals are achieved
  • Speakers with specific expertise.
  • Outside experts in different facilitation techniques (NLP, etc.).
  • Location chosen based on geography, culture, climate and resources to best support your team.
  • Venue chosen for group size, budget and goals.
  • Free Time to decompress, reflect and, if necessary, connect with the outside world.
  • Transportation using flights, buses, rental cars, etc. as part of the program experience.
  • Food nutritious, healthy and authentic. Chosen to provide maximum energy & mental clarity.
  • Schedule designed to provide optimal use of time without causing burnout.
  • Activities chosen and designed to best support the outcomes.
  • Experiential Learning focussed on your group’s particular needs.
  • Entertainment that supports the goals of the program. Usually local and authentic.


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