Millionaire Masterminding

“A carefully selected high growth peer group meeting on a quarterly basis at an exclusive location who both understand and can help you move to that next level.”

Stuart Ross - High Growth


The detail

As a successful entrepreneur you will be seeking to grow your business. One of the challenges you may face is being able to mix with a peer group who both understand and can help you move to that next level.

It is problem all of the most successful people in history have faced at some time on their lives. Their answer was to form powerful Masterminding Groups (a term coined by Napoleon Hill). Successful masterminders include Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Michael Dell.

Each Masterminding group encompasses up to 14 unique individuals. Each member has been carefully selected as being at a similar level in their business and personal growth. They will be business people, all from different sectors, who are already very successful and aspire for even more. Typically you won’t meet them at networking events.

How does it work?

Each group meet on a quarterly basis for a combination of networking and masterminding in a private dining area at one of the regions top restaurants. Each meeting lasts around 4 hours

What’s in it for you?

  • Spend time with the most successful and ambitious business people in the UK
  • A great network for additional business
  • Masterminding, the benefits of which include;
    • Focus – masterminding compels you to focus on your goals
    • Sharing and support – Masterminding makes you realise that other people are going through, the very same challenges you are experiencing. You will draw consolation from that and will gain from the experience of others
    • Inspiration and energy – you will be stimulated and motivated by other member’s experience and stories
  • Great food and wine at one of the top restaurants in the country



"Wonderful people and a great venue with delicious food – as always for your event! " Mary Maguire, Astute Recruitment

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