Questions to ask yourself for a mid-year reset

As we step into the whirlwind of the holiday season, it’s worth considering that half of 2024 has already passed us by. This realization might evoke apprehension in some individuals who began the year with ambitious goals and enthusiasm but found themselves straying from their aims as the months progressed.

Yet, let us remember that January doesn’t have a monopoly on fresh starts. The mid-year presents an excellent opportunity to assess our progress, reevaluate our vision for 2024, and recommit to updated goals. Despite the swift passage of six months, we still have the second half of the year to make a significant difference in our lives.

So, how can we set ourselves on the path to a remarkable final half of the year? I advocate for a “mid-year reset,” and here are ten thought-provoking questions to facilitate reflection on the year so far and to plan for maximizing the remaining months of 2024:

  1. What positive experiences have marked each month of this year thus far? Adjusting our goals from a position of strength and joy is more productive than doing so from a place of failure and disappointment. Take the time to review each month of 2024, focusing on the good, the progress made, and the strides taken. This reflection can reveal what no longer aligns with our aspirations, which goals were perhaps not meant for us, and where to redirect our efforts.
  2. Which activities or habits should we eliminate in the next six months? As Steve Jobs famously emphasized, focus comes from saying “no.” By removing elements that are not serving us well, we free up valuable time and energy for the pursuits that truly matter.
  3. What habits must we cultivate to achieve our goals for the year? Transforming a dream into a goal requires a detailed plan, and that plan must include establishing the necessary habits to bring our aspirations to fruition. Remember to break these habits down into smaller steps, making them more manageable and ultimately leading to significant progress.
  4. What small actions can we take right now to bring us closer to our goals? Act immediately on any insights gained during the reset. For example, if you realize that excessive time on social media and email is hindering your progress, take steps to limit these distractions, perhaps by installing a Chrome extension.
  5. What factors have caused delays in reaching our goals so far? While planning the way forward is essential, we must also identify and eliminate recurring obstacles that hinder our progress.
  6. Are there any lingering tasks or “doom pile” items we can tackle now? These are the small, perpetually postponed to-do items that clutter our desks and minds. Crossing off these items now can provide a sense of relief and clear mental space for the rest of the year.
  7. What are the things we are most grateful for in the year so far? This list can be as broad and inclusive as we wish. By reviewing it, we may notice consistent themes or ideas that can guide our energy and focus for the remainder of the year.
  8. How do we want the rest of the year to feel? Reinspire yourself by creating a vision or mood board for the remaining months of the year. Consider concepts, words, projects, and essential aspects of your life, such as family, exercise, self-care, or travel. This creative exercise can rekindle enthusiasm for postponed projects.
  9. What have we learned thus far in 2024? The mid-year reset is an ideal moment to reflect and solidify the lessons we have learned this year. If we haven’t dedicated enough time to learning, now is the opportune time to recommit to self-improvement and create a plan for more reading, thinking, studying, and overall learning.
  10. How will we feel at the end of the year if we continue drifting away from accomplishing our goals? As a motivational trigger, visualize the frustration and disappointment that will accompany an unfulfilled year. This powerful mental exercise can galvanize us into action, encouraging us to pursue our goals with renewed determination.

By embracing a mid-year reset and thoughtfully considering these questions, we can chart a course for the second half of 2024 that leads us closer to achieving our aspirations and making this year truly remarkable.


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