Projekt 202

With offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington, projekt202 is an application development firm that helps companies around the world create web, mobile, cloud, and workplace solutions that deliver superior user experiences. projekt202 incorporates techniques from the behavioral sciences of psychology and anthropology to full life-cycle software development to gain a deeper understanding of true user needs. The firm boasts a wealth of global clients, including Expedia, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Southwest Airlines, Samsung, and PayPal, and anticipated expanding their portfolio extensively in the coming years.

Having read Ross’ best-selling eBook, Secrets of High Growth Companies, David Lancashire, CEO of projekt202, approached Ross for advice on how to prepare his leadership team for the next phase of growth.

“We began leveraging the framework outlined in Secrets of High Growth Companies, clarifying our purpose, values, main goal, differentiation, business model, and key initiatives, so that it was easy to communicate to everyone in the company,” said Lancashire. “Stuart’s tips for preparing for those workshops were incredibly insightful.”

“High Growth is achievable at any time, as long as there is disciplined focus on improving management practices,” said Ross. “projekt202 had begun to position themselves as the world leader in an emerging area called experience-driven application development. It was absolutely vital that the company begin to align the mindset of the entire team.”

“At the end of that project, we asked the High Growth Academy to profile members of the management team so that we could evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that people’s natural gifts were being applied in the right areas of the company,” said Lancashire.

“This is an ongoing journey,” said Ross, “but the High Growth Academy was able to establish the right structure for success in this area.”

“We also invested time in coaching sessions with Stuart to draw out individual talents within the team, tweaking roles where necessary, so we could make the most of our collective skill sets,” said Lancashire.

Since working with Ross, projekt202 has hired 53 new members of staff in the past 12 months across its offices in Dallas, Austin, and Seattle, including software architects, developers, and user experiences experts.

In 2013, projekt202 was featured in the Inc. 500 list, which recognizes the country’s fastest-growing companies, for the third consecutive year as the 161st fastest growing firm in the nation. It also ranked number three on its annual Fast Tech Award list specifically for technology companies.


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