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Over the last year we have gone through a time of unprecedented change in all aspects of our lives. As we start to transition out of Covid, the level of change is not set to decrease. Now, more than ever we need the support, inspiration and insights from peers as we develop both our leadership and businesses that will thrive in the new world. Peer Networks provides that support.

What are Peer Networks?

Peer Networks is a peer to peer networking programme for SMEs that is delivered locally by High Growth Coaches with no financial cost for attendees. Expert facilitators work with cohort groups of business leaders to collaboratively work through common issues. Through interactive action learning, we enable you to address challenges in your business, helping you to build and strengthen your company and improve its overall performance.



Leadership Focus

Learn the key leadership requirements that you and your team will need to have the focus, the drive and the resilience to navigate through the challenging times ahead.

Strategy Focus

Refine and Reset your strategy. Reflect on your Strengths and Weaknesses as well as the trends in the creative sector. The output will be a well crafted One Page Strategic Plan.

Cash Focus

This session will focus on helping you understand the importance of cash and provide you with some powerful tools to improve your profit and cash performance.

People Focus

Learn how to hire, develop and retain top talent. Ensuring that you have the right people sitting in the right seats and doing the right things

Marketing Focus

Define your Core Customer DNA and Brand Promise for your business. Revisit your value proposition and understand the new rules of marketing and PR

Focus on the Future Workplace

Building a culture that is fit for the post pandemic world. Ensure that optimum communication rhythms are in place and building employee engagement.


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