A new, unique course, which combines hypnosis and coaching, has been launched to help people set and achieve goals for the coming year.

Experienced coaches Stuart Ross and Rosalyn Palmer will deliver 11 bitesize modules which will help individuals create and stick to their goals. This powerful combination has never been done before.

Stuart Ross, the founder of High Growth, who works exclusively with ambitious leaders of fast-growing businesses, explained:

“Goal setting is a skill which very few people have. This is a skill which is 100% learnable, and people with a clear vision, goals, and plans accomplish far more and do it faster than their competitors.

“By setting ambitious goals, individuals can gain real momentum in the direction of their vision or dreams and get the most out of life. January is a time when people think a lot about their goals for the coming year and there are no other course like this in the world.”

Rosalyn Palmer, a rapid transformational therapist (RTT), clinical hypnotherapist and coach, has worked with major UK companies, royalty and celebrities. She added:

“Our desire is to change people’s lives for the better so we are making this course accessible even to those who are not familiar with investing in themselves and their future happiness. Through hypnosis, the power of setting goals will be taken to a new level.

“By learning the importance of goals setting, you will become clear on not just how to goal-set but to create goals that inspire you. These will fill you with the drive and ambition and excitement to be achieved as you will tap into your reason ‘why’.”

To sign up to the Goal Setting Training, visit the website:


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