>How to Tap into your Intuition

>“In recent years, the subject of intuition has emerged from obscurity. Intuition is increasingly recognised as a natural mental faculty, a key element in the creative process, a means of discovery, problem solving, and decision-making. Once considered the province of a gifted few, it is now recognized as an innate capacity available to everyone not a rare, accidental talent, but a natural skill anyone can cultivate. A key ingredient in what we call genius, it is also an important tool when applied to everyday life.” —Intuition Magazine Online
This quote explains the importance of intuition, which is an incredibly valuable tool that you might want to add to your toolbox. I have found that developing, using and trusting my intuition has allowed me to be and do more and have more access to real powerful information and direction than I ever thought possible.

Defining Intuition
The concept of intuition is elusive. There are perhaps as many definitions of intuition as there are people who have given thought to this experience. The Oxford English Dictionary defines intuition as 1. Immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2 Immediate apprehension by a sense. 3 Immediate insight. Another source defines it as “Instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes) from within, a clear knowing. Immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning.”

How Intuition Works
We receive messages through our intuition in many ways: you might gain useful information from one of the examples below or from a combination of them all. As you look at these examples, see if you can recognise the way you receive intuition.

Clairvoyance – (clear seeing or clear vision) is experienced when an individual discerns objects, people, or situations, not with the physical eyes, but with an internal sense sometimes referred to as the “third eye”. Such “visions” concern something beyond one’s physical view, e.g., in the next room, down the street, or a thousand miles away.

Clairaudience – (clear hearing) is the ability to receive thoughts or information about a person or situation through an auditory sense instead of a visual one. This information is actually inaudible to the normal hearing range. It can be experienced as delicate sounds such as music, bells, or singing. It might also manifest as a knocking, siren, or other attention-getting sound. Most often, it comes as a voice that is literally heard either directly in the brain or through the auditory sense, as if it comes from beside or behind the person.

Clairsentience – (clear sensing) is probably the most frequent way intuition manifests in our lives, through hunches, gut feelings, or a sense of knowing without knowing how one knows. This “sensing” is often accompanied by a physical sensation — for some people in the solar plexus, for others in the heart area. Some feel a prickling of their skin. The physical sensation can vary with each person.

Two ways to tap into your Intuition
1) Next time you are stuck or worried about someone or something Take a step back; get quiet and ask yourself what should I do? Just listen Try not to judge what comes up!
Even if nothing comes right away just be patient.
When I get out of my own way, some kind of answer always comes. If I can trust my own intuition, it usually gives me a great idea to follow. I don’t try to make sense of what comes up, even if it is to just make a phone call or go somewhere or take a walk. Some message comes from a place that does not make any sense, but what I have learned is to trust it more and more every day. It always works when I let it!
2) When you have a feeling that something is just perfect or that something or someone is not right, follow that feeling. Start to listen to these messages and practice trusting your inner knowing. The more and more you put into this practice, the more you’ll get out of it. Put some time into this and it will bring you so much more than you know.
Think about how you could practice increasing your intuition today.

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