How to Create a Growth Mindset in your Company

A growth mindset amongst your team is critical to creating the right kind of environment in which individuals can thrive while your company grows. Growing your talent from the bottom up is both cost effective and successful, and staff are more engaged and encouraged to help the company grow as they do.

Below are four ways to create a mindset of growth as a part of your business strategy:

  1. Make Growth Part of Your Culture

Weaving a growth mindset into the everyday helps encourage your team to adopt a progressive and upward-thinking attitude. This can be achieved by:

  • making training easily accessible
  • allowing team members to set their own goals
  • supporting creative ideas

Having a growth mindset is all about encouraging people to learn and expand, so you should support them in learning new skills. By allowing them to set their own milestones, individuals feel they ‘own’ their goals, which makes it feel easier to achieve.

  1. Give and Receive Feedback

How do you expect team members to learn and grow if you don’t communicate with them? Give individuals regular and frequent feedback sessions to help guide them and show them that they’re important to you. 69% of employees say that they would work harder if their work was recognised. This is critical in helping your team stay motivated and valued.

  1. Make it OK to Fail

Failure happens; it’s as simple as that. To encourage growth, you need to allow people to take risks, and that means accepting that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

More often than not, individuals and teams of people are worried to take a chance for fear of failure. As is the case for many companies, figures such as productivity, profitability and sales are the focus – with financial incentives attached.

When results are held to such lofty heights, team members will worry about being experimental and simply stick to what they think works. This creates stagnation, not growth or innovation and can hold your company back.

  1. Lead by Example

Everyone, no matter what their job title, can adopt and benefit from a growth mindset. We can all learn more and improve our skills. If you want to encourage a growth mindset in your company, it’s important to be your own ambassador for growth and lead by example.

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