How leadership must evolve as you scale

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, leadership transcends traditional definitions and embraces a more purpose-driven, authentic approach. Marina Byezhanova, co-founder of Brand of a Leader, sheds light on this new era of leadership. Diverging from the often misconstrued notions of personal branding, Byezhanova’s insights offer a refreshing perspective, focusing on how business leaders can magnify their influence and inspire others on a grand scale.

Personal Branding: More Than Social Media Vanity

Often, the term ‘personal branding’ conjures images of social media posts and influencers, but its essence lies far deeper, particularly for a leader. It’s not just about crafting an online image; it’s a journey into self-discovery and understanding your unique leadership identity. This transformative process involves introspection and aligning your inner values with how you present yourself as a leader.

1. Purpose and Core Values: Beyond Business Boundaries

A key challenge for many leaders is articulating a purpose that stretches beyond their organisational roles. Identifying and communicating your core values and purpose isn’t just for personal clarity; it significantly impacts your team. Byezhanova emphasizes the power of leaders who share their purpose and values transparently, as it can profoundly inspire and guide their teams.

2. Service: Redefining Your Audience

The concept of service in leadership often gets tangled between organisational goals and broader community objectives. Byezhanova urges leaders to think beyond transactional relationships. Who do you serve beyond your immediate business circle? Identifying a secondary audience, one that may not bring direct business benefits, can reshape your approach to leadership and extend your influence more meaningfully.

3. Authenticity: The Core of Leadership Identity

Last year’s buzzword, authenticity, is rooted in deep self-awareness. Byezhanova suggests that authentic leadership is about more than just being genuine; it’s about aligning your inner values and strengths with how you are perceived as a leader. This alignment calls for introspection and possibly a 360-degree feedback process, ensuring that the leadership brand you build is a true reflection of your unique identity.

Redefining Modern Leadership

Today’s successful leaders think beyond delegation and shareholder value. They embody leadership driven by purpose, rooted in authenticity, capable of inspiring on a larger scale. Byezhanova’s vision is a business world where every influential leader harnesses their authority to inspire and bring about significant change. This approach to personal branding isn’t just transformative for the individual leader; it has the potential to impact companies, communities, and wider audiences.

In conclusion, the essence of modern leadership lies in turning authority into influence. It’s about being purpose-driven, value-oriented, and authentically yourself. As Byezhanova eloquently puts it, when this transformation occurs, it’s not just personal branding magic at play, but a power


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