2015: Year in review – Stuart Ross, High Growth

Stuart Ross, CEO and founder of High Growth, gives us his assessment of 2015.

Has 2015 gone better, worse or as expected for your business?

It has been a very good year for my business, High Growth. We have worked with some great businesses, achieved amazing results. Over 2,000 businesses have engaged in some capacity with High Growth throughout 2015 through our online products, events or one-to-one coaching – both in the UK and internationally.

What has been the highlight and lowlight of the year?

The low point was definitely the recent closure of the Business Growth Service. This is a move that will effect many businesses I have worked with in the past, as well as endangering the ability of businesses to reach a stage of high growth.

It’s difficult to pick out just one highlight because there have been so many this year. I have given several keynote talks across the globe, including in the US, where I expanded my business by opening an office in San Diego. I was also awarded top coach in the East Midlands, and held the third High Growth Summit in October, which was by far the biggest and best one yet.

Of course, the amazing results my clients have experienced will always be the most significant highlight of my year, with the average profit growth of my clients now at 143 per cent. Enabling these ambitious businesses reach their potential is what I love to do.

What one thing could the government do to ensure the economy performs well in 2016?

With the closure of the Business Growth Service, the government really needs to demonstrate its commitment to the business community, and particularly support for high growth businesses. After all, it is these businesses that drive local employment and economic prosperity.


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