Where to network….

Having attended and run many types of events over the years, perhaps not surprisingly, it is easy to link success with attendance and proactivity. Whilst those that refuse to attend events get left behind. They miss out on the valuable relationships that can develop.

In my experience there are three types of events that every business owner must attend to grow their business:

Industry events.

Every industry has events that are mainly attended by your peers. Industry events allow you to explore new innovations in your field. You interact with peers that might be years ahead of you. You can connect with new strategic partners and joint ventures.

Attending events where you are surrounded by those that have a similar business to yours allows you to discuss the changes in the industry and exchange information on new insights to improve your level of service and profitability.

Learning events.

Gaining a new perspective and discovering new strategies will speed your growth when you attend events outside your industry. Attending events where your primary goal is to learn something new is a great investment in your business.

One great example of a “learning event” is the High Growth Summit. This event was launched 4 years ago with one specific goal: to teach new approaches and strategies to accelerate your business growth.

Attending events where your primary objective is to learn can be thought of as a strategic advantage. You will learn what other professionals are doing and implement those innovations as you see fit.

Ideal client events.

These are the events where the primary attendee is your ideal client. Ideal client events expand your reach beyond your current network. These events are full of prospects. Quite simply, these events are your best chance to get sales.

Imagine attending an event where no one sells what you sell and the room is full of prospects. This puts you in a seller’s market. You’ll have dozens of conversations with people that need what you have while gaining a deeper understanding of their struggles.

A way to make the most of “ideal client” events is to test your messaging. When you have conversation after conversation with people, you can test and refine your ‘elevator pitch’ to create invitations to the next step.

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