What are you proud of?

When you are a visionary leader – or you are driven to create, or you have a big purpose ahead of you – your gift is that you are always focused on where you are going next. It’s one of the hardest things for visionary, driven, purpose focused leaders to turn around and see how far they have come.

One of the simplest and most profound questions I often ask high growth leaders is, “Look back over the past 90 days. What are you proud of?”

Here’s what I am proud of creating in the past 5 months. This will give you a little sense of the pace at which I operate:

  • I have written 40 articles/white papers, recorded 5 one hour courses on topics from Change Management to Reset Your Business, made 40 videos and written 3 ebooks.
  • I created or launched 3 new different coaching services
  • I have rebranded and relaunched High Growth
  • I coached and supported my clients to weather the storms of the past few months and to position themselves to thrive in the months ahead
  • I jointly founded and run the Corona Business Advice Group in Facebook and Linkedin with over 3300 members.
  • I have supported an international charity to pivot and implement a change process to a team of 600
  • I launched Glue Marketing, a new type of agency focused on helping scale up businesses define and implement marketing strategies that provide an edge over competitors. Already I am working with 5 clients
  • I worked as part of the team to launch Living Memorial, an environmentally friendly way to dispose of cremated ashes
  • Taken up learning the piano again
  • And I helped my family adapt to homeschooling and a new way of ‘living’ 

How about you… Look back over the past 5 months. What are you proud of?


“Look back over the past 90 days. What are you proud of?”

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