Two Questions for Every Business

I continuously read and hear of the many rules to business. Those things you’re told you “need to be doing” if you want to be successful. In reality I believe there are only two rules that dictate success. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. It doesn’t matter what you’re planning to do. It doesn’t matter where you’re at or the industry you are in.

All business success is rooted in these two rules.

  1. Be very easy to do business with.

Helpfulness is the best strategy for driving awareness. In today’s technology driven sales economy it’s easy to force prospective customers into a funnel where they have to fill out a form, download a white paper, or make a dozen visits to your website before your software scores them high enough for you to want to get to know them.

No one wants to have to do work to give you their money.

They want you there to help them and support them and give them guidance. If you’re not easy to do business with it just adds to their frustration.

So my suggestion is abandon the strategies where you hide your contact information on your website. Make it incredibly easy for people to cancel your service or product if they’re not happy. Ditch all the complex contracts.

Be everywhere your prospective customers will be looking.


  1. Be so good they come back for more.

Obsess about ways to provide the ‘wow’ factor to your customers.

Think about all the frustrating things in your industry that you could solve, even in small ways. Deliver service with a smile, even when you’re stressed out and anxious. Put a plan in place to follow up on the promises you make – consistently.

There is nothing particularly amazing about doing what you say. However it makes all the difference in the world to your customer.

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