To be more successful stop these habits…

Over the years I observed many clients try and start new and positive habits. Unfortunately a lot of the time they have failed. This perhaps not surprising when you consider across the UK 38 percent of people will make resolutions, only 8 percent will succeed.

So to make the process of adopting new habits easier let’s remove some of the negative habits that have been holding you back from succeeding:

Stop the habit of multitasking.

Science tells us that only 2 percent of us can really multitask. So don’t try. Try this instead: When attempting to get something off your to-do list, shut down every browser and app on your screen except for the ones you need.

Otherwise, you’ll get notifications for LinkedIn requests, Facebook Live posts, and tweets. A never-ending stream of distraction. So shut down everything except the program you need, and finally get things done.

Stop the habit of comparing yourself with everyone.

You will never win this game. There will always be someone smarter, healthier, richer, and (seemingly) happier. Always. Focus on yourself, your mindset, your health, the state of your being, and you’ll win.

Stop the habit of wasting time with negative people.

If they don’t support you, get rid of them. You don’t have to shout, kick, and scream. Just stop being available to them. They won’t notice. They’re too self-centered to care.

Stop the habit of participating in long and unnecessary meetings.

Less meeting means more doing.

Try setting an agenda at your next meeting. As you run through the agenda, go around the room and have everyone share:

  • What they’re working on.
  • What they’ve completed.
  • What they need in order to complete what they’re still working on.
  • It works, I promise. You’ll shave half an hour off your meeting time

Stop the habit of obsessing over things outside of your control.

Focus your time, energy, and resources on improving yourself. You can control everything you put in your body, think about, and do.

Stop the habit of making sure everything is perfect.

This is NEVER going to happen. This is just a complicated form of procrastination. Which is a deeper manifestation of your fear. Get out of your own way, and go for it.

Stop the habit of saying yes.

You may think you don’t have enough time. You do. You just spend your time doing the wrong things.

Stop saying yes to everything. Embrace no. Use it.




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