How to take your weekly meeting to a new level…..

To take you weekly management meetings to a new level, below are a few KPI’s I recommend are reviewed and acted upon:

  1. Employee Health Index

The employee health index KPI is exactly what it sounds like. Every week before your meeting, your team should status how they are feeling about their workload. Ask your employees to answer honestly; if they feel overwhelmed, encourage them to speak up. When you know where your team is standing, you will be able to manage their workloads more efficiently.

  1. Quarterly Targets & Critical Numbers

Often your team gets too focused on their day to day projects and tasks, and your  quarterly plan gets forgotten. During your weekly meeting, spend time on the bigger picture to ensure your team is on the right track. Don’t spend time on projects that do not contribute to your quarterly goals!

  1. Customer Happiness

Regardless of which department your team is in, every team in a business affects customer happiness. Some teams measure specific KPIs related to customers, like Net Promoter Score. Each department has a customer (even if it is an internal one), and you should measure their happiness/success. At the end of every team meeting, look at customer feedback.

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