Questions you must regularly ask your employees if you want them to stay

If you’re a business owner, you really don’t want to have to have to recruit in this business environment if at all possible. So how do you convince your current employees to stay? It sounds obvious but don’t neglect the basics. Pay incentives and complete redesigns of your hybrid work setup may be effective, but […]

How to decide whether someone is ready for promotion?

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs and MDs of high growth companies, helping them with strategy development and implementation. Whilst I can come up with amazingly effective ideas for how to scale any business, the one challenge they all end up facing is building the right team quickly. The fact […]

The reasons happy employees leave

It’s never easy to have an employee leave. The employee seemed happy and their work was good. They were well liked and respected by their manager and team members. There weren’t any obvious signs that they were searching for a new job. What made this otherwise happy employee decide to leave their job? There’s no […]

How to attract and retain millennials?

Firstly why is there so much focus on millinials? Because the sheer number of millennials recently surpassed any other generational group. Both the UK economy and the workforce are highly dependent on this group. If millennials become disengaged in their jobs the companies they work for will suffer. How to Attract Millennials According to a […]

Are your top performers going to quit?

I often come across directors wondering why or what happened when their top performers quit. The fact is people will quit before they ask for what they want or tell you what is wrong. That is why looking for the ‘red flag behaviours’ or signs they may be looking to leave is so powerful. Here […]