Accelerated Innovation

More and more it appears true that the only way businesses today, whether large or small, are going to survive and thrive is through accelerated innovation. Your business, even if you’re an SME, needs to stay on the leading edge…or die. Ask yourself if you’ve done any of the following in the past six months… […]

Sometimes Simplicity is Best

How did something as simple as the iPod dominate the market? Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple and creator of the iPod, really got back to basics, thinking about what people wanted and what there was a need for – and not overthinking it. At the time, mp3 players were complicated to use and couldn’t […]

7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

1. Do what you love 2. Put a dent in the universe – have a big vision 3. Kick-start your brain – use creativity and have lots of different experiences 4. Sell dreams not products – understand what people want to accomplish 5. Say no to 1000 things 6. Create insanely great experiences 7. Master […]

Steps to a Failed Product Launch!

These are the seven steps of a failed product launch: 1. Get an idea for a product. 2. Write or design the product. 3. Print or manufacture the product. 4. Advertise the product. 5. Watch the marketing campaign flop and generate no sales. 6. Sell or give away the product to family members and colleagues. […]