The Best Advice From Successful Leaders

Good advice is good advice, but it is wrong to say the source of that advice doesn’t matter. So, when seeking advice, what better group of people to listed to that the most successful business leaders? They’re imaginative, fearless, bold, passionate, hard-working people—and they know a thing or two about the most helpful experiences: failure. […]

Keys to Keeping your Motivation Levels High

As a leader, you know one of your key tasks is to keep your team motivated. To do so, you need to constantly remind your people of the company’s vision, hold them accountable to targets, mentor them, and support them in their work. The challenge is then to stay motivated yourself. When it comes to […]

Give Your Team Confidence

One area I have noticed that really affects a teams performance is the level of confidence in their leadership, their goals, and most importantly themselves. One way that you can give a team confidence is to show through actions and words that you believe in them. For example, one of my clients knew their sales […]

Great Leaderships Starts with Self Leadership

When we think of high growth leadership one of the first questions that I am often asked is, “how do I get the best result out of team?” However, all great leadership should start with, “how do I get the best result out of myself?” Self-leadership is the practice of purposefully influencing your thinking, feeling […]

Focusing on Positive Motivations

There’s nothing wrong with competition when it’s employed in a friendly manner to push one another to greater heights. (your culture) But too often these days, people associate rivalry with aggression and find it difficult to conceive of competition that doesn’t escalate into a free-for-all, with benches in opposing dugouts pouring onto the mound as […]

Conquer Fear

In her book, “Conquer Fear!”, Lisa Jimenez, a charming Florida speaker I’ve had the pleasure of smeeting, lists “The Seven Truths” that can help anyone harness and overcome their fears. I’ve paraphrased them for you here: Truth #1 Fear is the dominant challenge in your life today. Truth #2 Fear is a “gift” that was […]