How to keep team alignment in an ever changing world

In this challenging time the most successful leaders are winning the battle for their team(s) discretionary effort by maintaining alignment through effective communication. The importance of your communication is magnified in times of crisis or uncertainty. It is crucial to your team alignment and critical for your success in a constantly changing environment. Your team […]

3 Questions that keep CEO’s awake at night

As a coach I often ask CEO’s and directors what keeps them up at night. It turns out the answer is less varied than you might think. While they all say it a little differently, the answer almost always boils down to a variation of “How can I implement my strategy?” Turns out business leaders […]

What To Tackle During The Summer Slowdown

Summertime means holiday and a slowdown in the business world. It’s also a time when I see businesses sometimes panic, thinking only of lost productivity and lower sales. However, a slowdown can be very good for a company being a great time to pause and do a little professional housekeeping. Rarely do busy executives and […]

Making KPIs Work for You

Recently I spent time with a client helping them to define their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). She had about 30 of them that her executive team was reviewing every week with very little action. My immediate suggestion was to narrow them down to the most useful nine to twelve. There was an initial reluctance, after […]

Staying on track in 2015

By the time you are reading this we are about to enter the second quarter of 2015.  That means there only 9 months left in the year.  I bring this up because I’ve noticed increased activity in the wider business environment lately.  When I ask clients how things are going, I’m consistently hearing “Busy”, “Crazy”, “Awesome”, […]

Achieving Superior Performance Through Execution…..

Last week I talked about a groundbreaking study (the Evergreen Project) of 200 management techniques reveal a surprising result: most techniques have no direct impact on superior business performance. What does is the mastery of business basics. To achieve superior performance you have to excel in four primary practices  – strategy, execution, culture and structure. This […]

Why High Growth Companies Stop Growing….

We’ve all come across examples of high growth companies that suddenly hit the wall. However the reality behind many of these companies whether large or small is that periodic slowdowns are inevitable, even if the company is fundamentally solid. That doesn’t mean that the leadership team can’t do anything to slow the decline or reverse […]