Staying calm in a difficult time

Many leaders I am speaking to are starting to show signs of coronavirus anxiety . Yet, as leaders, it is critical that a calm confident state is maintained. Why is Coronavirus causing anxiety? Anxiety caused by the coronavirus is not down to one single factor. As a generation, this is the first time we are […]

Tips to become a Corporate Athlete

Over the last few weeks we have witnessed an amazing performance from Team GB at the Rio Olympics. Here we have seen athletes pushing the limits in pursuit of gold. There ability to do this has been driven by what is termed as a push-recover approach helping to build speed, strength and endurance for professional […]

High Growth Biohacks

I was fortunate to spend last week in Greece with an awesome mix of global game changers, including Dave Asprey who is a legend in the biohacking world. He has done a huge amount of research into optimising his life and health. He has distilled years of his valuable expertise into a number of biohacks which can […]

Don’t let the recession make you overweight!

I’m no economics genius, so I can’t help solve the recession. But I do know that times of stress cause some folks to eat more than they need – and that means weight gain for many. Japanese scientists studied 122 workers between the ages of 21 and 60. They found that work stress (in the […]