How High Growth Companies Make Learning a Habit

Learning is embedded into the culture of all high growth companies. They are able to make consistent progress because learning is a habit for individuals within these organisations. Habits are freeing because they save us from the difficult, energy sapping business of making decisions and exercising our self-control. With about 40% of everyday life shaped […]

Keep you energy levels high……

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have worked directly with hundreds of very successful business leaders and CEO’s . One trait they all share is an enormous amount of energy. Energy comes from all sorts of places; passion and commitment, good genes, age, etc. However, over time, long hours, travel, and the aging […]

Confronting Mindfulness

Do you aspire to be a great high growth leader, yet run out of time and energy to get things done? Or perhaps you are performing well leading a high growth team but the stress is getting to you and you know you can’t keep it up. You look enviously at your peer group who […]

Set yourself a new challenge…..

Each year Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, sets some interesting challenge for himself – learn Mandarin, wear a tie for a year (show he’s serious about business), or only eat meat from animals he’s killed! “This year, my challenge is to meet a new person outside of Facebook every day,” he said this week at […]

How to Achieve Amazing Results….

One thing I have learned about human nature is that all other things being equal, we would rather have what we want sooner rather than later, easier rather than harder and more rather than less. In other words, we tend to be impatient and greedy. My experience is that a solution which is designed to […]

Working Excessive Hours does Not Mean High Growth

Recently I have come across more and more companies that judge their employees’ work by the time they spend at the office. By doing this they are slowing down the development of productive habits. By focusing on hours worked instead of results produced, they let their team members avoid answering the most critical question: “Am I […]

How High Growth Leaders get in the “Flow’….

Have you ever felt totally engaged and involved in an activity that you have lost track of time? When any distractions such as phone ringing, hunger or interruptions you were not aware of because you were so totally absorbed and energised with what you were doing? Most of us have had this experience of “being […]

How to High Growth Leaders Achieve More in a Day…….

One of the key challenges I often hear around time management is maintaining focus on tasks which must be completed. Despite your best intentions, you just can’t concentrate. We’ve all been in this familiar, frustrating situation, and it’s something that can really undermine your performance. Below are some strategies that will help you improve your […]