Taking your customer experience to a new level…..

I have recently been reading a book by Julie Kampf called From My Bad to My Best: How Individuals and Companies Can Differentiate Themselves in the Age of Mediocrity. The book provides some great insights and ideas on how to maintain and build a great culture within your company rather than allow today’s “age of […]

Getting Back to Basics

Sometimes, it pays to change your business for the sake of change. At other times, you have to change your business because the market tells you to. And if you don’t change, you’re dead. Like it or not, we are living in those times. Market forces worldwide are causing a whirlwind of creative destruction for […]

The Importance of Delivery Mastery….

Customers return to buy from a business not only because they have a great product, but because they know that HOW to deliver the product as a trademark – what sets them apart from our competition. Think about it. You frequent a business not only because you like the product they offer, but because the […]