4 Customer experience trends to reflect on

From talking to both clients and many businesses over the last year one thing is clear: How to best serve customers as a company is in a state of flux. Accepting that the ways we operated in the past might not serve our business or our customers in the best way in the landscape that […]

Creating Sustainable Success……

Sadly, too many businesses subscribe to the simple theory which says that whenever there is a problem, “Grow!” The wisdom seems to be that growth is the answer, regardless of the question. The “Red Bull” for superior financial performance seems to be tweaking the website, changing the advertising copy, tweeting and blogging more often, hiring […]

Obstacles to Implementing Your Customer Strategies

Over the last week I have met numerous companies who have some great customer strategie, but are struggling to implement them. Here are five common obstacles these companies are encountering during implementation: 1. Is anybody listening?  Unfortunately, many companies simply don’t have a good system set up to gather insights from their customers or employees. […]

Not all Customers are Equal…..

Businesses need customers and without them, the business won’t last long. The question is, what kinds of customers do you have? General Electric has routinely looked at its business, team and customers and put process in place to get rid of the low performers. Does your business deserve less? I would argue that it does […]

Understanding why customers buy…..

The first thing to understand about selling is why people buy a particular product or service and what it is that they really buy. You may be surprised to learn that people buy only two things: Solutions to problems That means: People do not buy your golf lessons. They buy a vision of how good […]

How to work less for more

When I talk with business owners about building their business, I often get an interesting response… “No more. Please! No more! I couldn’t handle any more work; I’m flat out as it is.” This seems strange, because many times their business is far from what would be considered massively profitable and by their own admission […]

The Value of your Existing Customers

One of the greatest thrills in business is acquiring new customers. Many businesses are so caught up in the excitement of acquiring a new customer (the chase/hunt) that they don’t spend enough time or money on unlocking the value of their existing customer base. It’s surprising how often business owners fail to recognise their existing […]

Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

Did you enjoy what you had for dinner last night? You are probably wondering what that question has to do with sales. Bear with me a moment, and answer the question. Now, pause a moment, and think about what you did when you read that question. Your mind probably flashed back to yesterday evening, and […]

Customer Lifetime Value

Ever wondered what the lifetime value of your customer is….check out this useful online tool from our friends at Harvard. http://www.harvardbusinessonline.com/flatmm/flashtools/cltv/