Is your company ready for change?

Markets are commoditising and consolidating. There are new laws on their way. Brexit is getting nearer. Consumer trends are changing in the blink of an eye. Emerging global markets are being created daily. Successful leaders see these changes. In fact the best leaders not only have a viewpoint about how to respond to these changes, […]

How to get fast results?

If you really want to accelerate your results, there is only one way to do it: Change your environment. You have to throw yourself in the deep end. If you are not immersing yourself into an environment that not only excites you but sometimes terrifies you, you only slow down your results and plateau where […]

How to manage employees through change

It is not surprising employees often react negatively when hearing about a proposed organisational change driven by a fear of the unknown. Below are the four main phases that employees typically go through during periods of organisational change and how you can best handle them. The Initial Shock New changes can leave employees feeling shocked […]

The key to lasting behavioural change

One of the biggest challenges I come across are clients who are unable to make to the necessary personal changes to achieve success. For example some questions I have recently encountered include: Why can’t I get into an exercise routine before work? How can I get my high-priority work done before I check my email? […]

How to Implement change….

The most important resource of a business today is it’s people. This is increasingly meaningful not merely as rhetoric but also in practice. If we depend more and more on fewer people and if the loyalty of these people, particularly managers, can no longer be assumed but rather must be earned and retained, then clearly […]

Why not change?

Have you ever met someone who wasn’t happy unless he or she was going through some kind of massive change? Perhaps there are a few individuals in this world who thrive on uncertainty, enjoy feeling insecure, and love to have their routines disrupted. But I think it would be safe to say that most people […]

Tools for Your 21st Century Toolbox

One of the ways I test anyone I may hire as an employee or contractor is to look at their tools. I’ve noticed that the best craftsmen usually have the best tools, so it baffles me why so many of us use out-dated or inadequate tools in our business and personal lives. It’s costly, it […]