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“Latest knowledge, tools and ideas delivered in short impactful seminars to either get you started or continue your journey to high growth in your business. ”

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A range of seminars where you will start to learn and apply some of the secrets of successful high growth businesses, giving you strategies that can immediately be implemented in your business

Achieving High Growth Seminar

If you are or want to become a high growth business you are invited to this exclusive free seminar giving you the tools, strategies and insights you need to sustain high growth.

You are already a successful business achieving great growth but the challenge in today’s business environment is for you and your team to sustain this growth and stay ahead of your competitors

In this focused seminar you’ll start to learn and apply some of the secrets of successful high growth businesses from around the world, giving you strategies you can immediately implement in your business.

Some of the areas that will be covered include:

  • The 4 areas any high growth business masters
  • How to develop a business model with a competitive edge
  • The ease of producing a 2 page high growth strategy and implementation plan
  • The high growth mindset – how to make that transition
  • How to recruit and retain a high growth team
  • Cash flow optimisation tools and the cash conversion cycle.
  • Developing a customer focused culture across the company

We hope you are able to join us as at our next seminar which will always be a stimulating and enjoyable event, combined with  some great networking. Light refreshments will be served at the end of the seminar.

Space is always limited  so register below or call us now on 0115 9827694 to reserve a space both for yourself and your leadership team at our next event.

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