Say thank you this Christmas……

Poor customer service costs a company dearly. Customer satisfaction is not a small issue, think about this:

– Worldwide, up to 2/3 of all customers leave because of poor customer service
– On average, most UK companies lose half their customers every five years
– Customer relationship activities have the most impact on customer retention. Every customer service encounter has the potential to gain repeat business or drive it away.

Creating outstanding customer service is every employee’s responsibility. The impression a business’ employees create can make or break, not only the current sale, but future sales as well.

Most customer relationships don’t end in a dramatic way, they are just ignored until they fall off the radar screen. Businesses that create “wow” experiences for their customers never take those valuable relationships for granted and constantly look for ways to show GRATITUDE for those relationships.

Do you… send birthday and anniversary cards to all current and past customers? Do you include special customers in an important event or meeting at your business? Do you send them hand written notes thanking them for their business? Do you send them a holiday card other than just during December? Do you talk to each customer personally on a regular basis? Do you look for ways to help each customer personally, providing value they won’t find elsewhere?

This Christmas season; look for ways to show your customers more gratitude and thanks.

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