Sales Basics: The Follow Up

It amazes me how  many companies I visit and they are treating prospects like commodities. In today’s marketplace you must be different. How can you stand out? Start with consistent follow up in the sales process.

Here are four things about the average salesperson I meet in most companies:

  1. No Phone Call

Why would a salesperson not follow up even once on a potential customer? Those that never make the call will come up with lots of excuses as to why they don’t. They’re too busy organising, searching the CRM, thinking about what they’re going to say, looking for a script. People come up with reasons not to make a call. You need to be unreasonable and make the call regardless of any reason you come up with not to.

  1. No Clear Purpose

If a person is going to call there must be a reason. You need a reason. The way I start my calls is “The reason I’m calling is…” I tell everyone the reason upfront. If your purpose is to ask about the kids, the family, the holiday—then let that be your purpose and don’t sell the product. Just make it clear. Be honest about your purpose and you’ll always have one. If you have a clear purpose going into a phone call you have no excuse to not make it.

  1. No Message

Leaving a message is something that should always be done but more salespeople don’t do this than do.

Are you hungry for business? Then let people know it. I don’t know why people hide behind the idea of “appearing” desperate. Every time I call someone, I’ll leave a message. Never make them feel bad for not calling you back, stay friendly and just leave a message.

  1. No Data Collection

Not collecting critical data for future sales is negligent. Whether you sell bed linen, professional services, furniture or investment portfolios, you need critical data for future sales.


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