Questions to ask yourself daily

Whilst we all have a different definition of success, the one thing all successful people are aligned on is a drive to be better than the day before. Whether you’re looking for a new client, motivating a team, or launching a new product, forward momentum is key. In the ‘busyness’ of life, we can often skip asking ourselves the big questions. These questions are necessary to ensure we’re keeping our goals and vision in sight and moving in the right direction.

In the book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, author Mason Currey took a look at the daily rituals of some of the most successful people throughout history. Benjamin Franklin, for example, started and ended his day by asking two self-improvement questions: In the morning he asked himself, “What good shall I do this day?” In the end of the day he asked, “What good have I done today?”. Bookending his day with these simple questions helped Franklin focus on his goals and point his efforts in the right direction. Similarly, the most successful people never stop questioning and never stop seeking answers. Here are three questions you should be asking on a daily basis to help you reach your business or personal goals:

1. AM I FAILING BETTER? “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better,” said Samuel Beckett. When it comes to accomplishing your goals and getting where you need to be, this is good advice to follow. You cannot be so afraid to make mistakes that you never truly take risks. However, you should also be learning from your mistakes and the times you’ve failed. Look critically at your mistakes and see if you’re failing better, or just failing.

2. AM I DOING SOMETHING THAT SCARES ME EVERY DAY? Without risk, there’s no reward. Only by facing your fears can you overcome them. In your business, you should be constantly challenging yourself to go outside your comfort zone and pushing beyond the limits of what you thought was possible.

3. DO I HAVE A PLAN TO REACH MY GOALS? You wouldn’t go to a new destination without a route or map. So why do so many people rush to achieve goals without having a plan? Once you have defined a goal you need to ask the following questions. What do you really want? Why do I want it? What steps do you need to take to achieve your goal?

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