Pitfalls That Slow Down Strategy Implementation and How to Fix Them

How do you know if your company is set up for great strategy implementation? Most people would say that they want a culture that allows and encourages implementation. What does that look like? Does your current work environment encourage implementation or does it inadvertently slow down your implementation?

Here is what it does not look like:

1) When you hear: “That’s not my job”

2) When managers feel afraid to be accountable

3) When you hold back brutal facts during project debriefs because you are concerned about hurting other people’s feelings.

4) When you don’t slow down and take the time to make sure our teams understand what success looks like.

Here are a couple of tips which help you get over above:

Provide extreme clarity on what each person’s role is. Share what are the top 1-3 results you are expecting the person to deliver.

Encourage people to learn more about other departments. In your planning sessions, get people to sit with different department members and work on opportunities and problems together. This will help you to build cross functional teamwork and break down silos.

Encourage the response you want. When you hear “that’s not my job,” instead of being annoyed , ask more questions that help the person see the connections between their direct role and the ball that just dropped. The right questions will help lead the person to understand how it is indirectly their job and what a difference they can make if they took action.

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