Managing energy to boost productivity

Being able to manage time isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for the survival of any business leader. I’ve learned that business has less to do with making lists and putting things into a calendar. Instead, it has much more to do with energy.

Energy is a form of power. When it’s high, you feel like there’s no task you can’t tackle. When it’s low, you feel disorganised, burnt out, and overwhelmed. Managing your energy in life will help you channel more of your drive toward your goals. Here are some ideas to help you mange your energy.

1.  Minimise task switching

It takes a massive amount of energy to transition from making an engaging Power Point presentation to jumping on the phone with clients. To preserve your energy, focus on starting one “type” of task, and completing that type of task before moving onto the next.

2. Close loops in your head

Is there something you’ve had on your mind for weeks, months, or maybe even years that you haven’t completed? vThat’s what’s called an “open loop”—and it quietly drains a lot of energy out of you by taking up space in your subconscious. Instead of wasting effort by having your brain remind you of that thing you haven’t done, take an hour, day, or week to close the loop and do that thing. inside of me.

3.  Self source your energy

Alot of the time, we find ourselves energised when things “go right” in our lives. But when things aren’t going well, we tend to let our circumstances “steal” our precious energy.

When we self source our energy, we keep our power within our control. To do so, you need to carve out time to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Self-sourcing energy can mean anything from going to the gym to meditation.

4. Social media detox

When we’re always on our mobiles, our minds are bombarded by a lot more data than what we’re used to. The solution: Minimise screen time, or do a social media detox. It will very likely remind you that you aren’t that busy. You just feel like you are, because your brain is working very hard—even when you’re mindlessly scrolling.

5. Stop overthinking Should I go to the gym now or this afternoon? The energy required to make a decision is another place where we leak energy. Instead, create a routine and stick to it. By removing the decision of whether or not we’re going to do something, we remove energy leaks from our life. As a result, we can accomplish

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