Keep you energy levels high……

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have worked directly with hundreds of very successful business leaders and CEO’s . One trait they all share is an enormous amount of energy.

Energy comes from all sorts of places; passion and commitment, good genes, age, etc. However, over time, long hours, travel, and the aging process eat away at your energy reserves.

So how do you keep those energy levels high?

There is no miracle answer but there are some simple ways to adjust what you are doing now to get more energy and sustain it over long periods of time

These are three tips that give me a big lift in energy daily:

Commit to ideally an hour of exercise a day: In the book Younger Next Year they talk about planning an hour per day of exercise, six days per week. I started this plan a few years ago, and the payoff has been roughly an extra hour of peak energy per day, which keeps me focused and productive.

Set your priorities: You’re a leader; you know how to get things done. So decide what your real priorities are, and then make sure you make time for those daily.

Eat better: You may not always eat well, but you probably know already which eating choices you should change. The trick is to avoid the “all or none” mental trap. If you can’t sustain an eating regime for the rest of your life, then by default it is a fad diet for you. Better to make better choices that you can make forever.

Now here are a few additions to take your performance to the next level.

Hyperhydrate: Water is a known way to combat fatigue. There are plenty of other good reasons to drink more water, but it was the energy lift that  has really changed my behavior.

Travel smarter: When you are travelling, it’s worth paying a little bit more to get a good bed, a quiet room, and workout facilities.

Meditate: This may be a challenge for you, but more and more studies are demonstrating the value of meditation in giving you mental clarity, stress release, and improved focus.

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