How to make 2023 an extraordinary year…

If you’d like to create a powerful 2023, you need to be asking the right questions.

Questions change everything…

What follows are the powerful questions I take my 121 clients through, to create their best year yet.

If you do this alone, here are the rules:

  • Block out half a day.
  • Go somewhere inspiring.
  • Turn off your mobile.
  • Work through the questions.

The Past

Look back over the past 12 months.  

  1. What are you most proud of – personally and professionally?
  2. What was the hardest thing you had to overcome? What did you learn from it?
  3. What – and who – energised you the most?
  4. What – and who – drained you the most?
  5. What – and who – are you still tolerating?
  6. What were the 1-3 activities or habits that created 80% of your success, happiness and health?
  7. Who were the 3-5 people that helped you produce 80% of your results? (Clients, colleagues, friends, family).
  8. What were the 1-3 activities or habits that created 80% of your problems, unhappiness or poor physical/mental health?
  9. What goals did you not accomplish? What got in the way?
  10. How are you different at the end of this year from 12 months ago?
  11. What is one thing that you spent money on that provided the most value?
  12. How did you waste the most money?
  13. What are you grateful for?

What are your top 3 insights?

The Present

  1. What are your ‘super powers’? (The thing you are best at – and it’s so fascinating that it feels effortless).
  2. What’s missing from your life and/or business? And how do you keep it out?
  3. What are you tolerating? (If an activity, a person or a habit in your life is a 7/10 or less, you’re tolerating it).
  4. What are the top 1-3 things on your list that you’ve been procrastinating on for weeks, months—or even years?
  5. Reflect on each area of your life
    • Health: How does your body and mind feel?
    • Wealth: How do you feel about your financial situation?
    • Spirit: Are you connected to something bigger than yourself? (Eg. God, purpose, spirituality, or values).
    • Family & Friends: How do you feel about the quality of relationships in your life?
    • Love: How do you feel about romance in your life?
    • Career: What or who energises you? What or who drains you?
    • Personal Growth: How much time do you invest in self-improvement or professional development?
    • Fun: How much time do you devote to re-creation and fun?
    • Contribution: How much time do you invest in supporting good causes?
    • Environment: How do you feel about your physical environment? (Home, Work, etc)

Which 1-3 areas do you intend to focus on next year?

The Future

  1. Imagine 3 years have gone by and they were the best 3 years of your life… What were the top 1-3 things you accomplished that have given you a massive sense of pride, success and happiness?
  2. If in 3 years time you are disappointed with your results, why will that be? (Be honest, we always know in advance why we’ll fail at something!).
  3. What’s your foundational goal? (If you were only allowed to focus on one goal next year, which goal would be most likely to ensure that every other goal was accomplished—even if you were not allowed to work on them).
  4. Who do you want to BE by the end of next year?
  5. What 3 things will you start doing next year?
  6. What 3 things will you stop doing next year?
  7. Who in your life deserves more attention next year?

What sentence that sums up next year?

Powerful questions deserve great answers. Block out significant time to reviewing this year and creating next year. It will have a big impact, I promise you.


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