How to keep top talent in Silicon Valley

Answerlab, based in Silicon Valley, delivers digital insights for the world’s leading brands. The company has 35 employees and in 3 years they have had zero turnover. How has this been achieved? The CEO Amy Buckner Chowdhry firstly relies on a one page strategic plan with monthly reporting. The team knows “who owns what” and everyone’s progress toward their goals is clearly monitored. AnswerLab then operates on 6 core values:

  • Build trust
  • Provide amazing service
  • Jump in to help others
  • Handle change with flexibility
  • Embrace new technology
  • Figure it out and get it done

Team members are recongnised for demonstrating these values through quarterly awards (gift certificates of $50-$100).

Answerlab then goes further through its Talent Plan that focuses on 4 core areas:

  1. Career with career path, annual 360s and quarterly reviews.
  2. Learning:AnswerLab University helps new recruits get up to speed – ongoing presentation skills training benefits all and one hour learning lunches every other Friday keeps everyone learning. To encourage exploration of new technologies, AnswerLab also reimburses employees up to $400 for software or digital products annually.
  3. Wellness:Everyone gets a Fitbit pedometer connected with an online leaderboard so all can see who’s clocking how many miles. This promotes more “walk and talk” meetings. The company also reimburses for gym memberships,
  4. Impact:AnswerLab’s Giving Back strategy is entirely employee driven with a three pronged approach: group volunteer time, research expertise (a white paper available for non-profits), and financial support for select non-profits.
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