How to improve your team’s mental health with a weekly meeting….

As a leader in your business, your team’s mental health should be a key concern; your company can’t emerge from the current crisis strong and ready for the future without a team that’s mentally fit.

A survey from SHRM found, “Work-related concerns left more than 40% of employees burn out feeling hopeless, burned out or exhausted as they grapple with lives altered by COVID-19.” The survey found that younger workers (Generation Z) and women were more likely to report symptoms of depression, and only 7% of those experiencing symptoms had reached out to a mental health professional for help.

Your weekly meeting is a key tool to improve team mental health. Here are some tips to make these meetings more effective:

  1. Stick to it

Following your regular routine (including having your weekly meetings, daily huddles, and other regular work meetings on the calendar) can help create a sense of order and control that will improve mental health and productivity. Don’t ditch your meeting rhythms during these uncertain times.

  1. Keep it real

Provide your team with relevant updates and information; be transparent, don’t sugarcoat the facts. Be informative while setting a tone that’s calm and positive about the future.

  1. Connect

If your team is working remotely, ensure that everyone turns the camera on for your meeting. Seeing each other’s faces over video conferencing can help team members feel more connected and less isolated. Use an icebreaker activity to keep the meeting engaging and provide additional opportunities for the team to connect with each other.

  1. Solve challenges

Stay focused on your business and the issues at hand. Solving problems together will keep the team focused on what they can control and remind them of the important work they do to help the company at this difficult time.

  1. Celebrate

Ensure you spotlight what’s going well. Celebrate new sales, breakthrough ideas, or anything that’s going well for the company. You can also use this time to celebrate individual team member’s efforts when they have gone above and beyond.

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