How to Achieve Amazing Results….

One thing I have learned about human nature is that all other things being equal, we would rather have what we want sooner rather than later, easier rather than harder and more rather than less. In other words, we tend to be impatient and greedy. My experience is that a solution which is designed to be delivered by working 15 minutes per week, sitting at the kitchen table, never works. If you look at anyone at the top of their game…. the ones winning gold medals, or achieving business success year in and year out… you will find a common denominator: They did not achieve this success overnight. Instead they committed themselves to mastery with a consistent effort over a period of time, developing those habits that achieve amazing results. So some questions for you this week:

  • Where are you avoiding paying the price of hard work or learning and practicing new skills?
  • Where are you searching for shortcuts where none exist?
  • What habits do you need to develop that will deliver your goals?


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