How leaders can bring certainty to business in an uncertain world

The last twelve months have filled the world with uncertainty. The difference between succeeding and failing during these times is a mirror of how fast you can adapt to the changes. I’ve been coaching my clients daily since the start of Covid-19 on how to adapt, adjust, and execute. What I have found is one of the biggest patterns that separate those who succeed from those who fail is the amount of certainty they bring into their customers and employees.

Certainty doesn’t mean that you know what to do. Certainty means that you know you’re going to figure things out. Here are five strategies that leaders who are succeeding in this current market are doing now to increase their level of certainty.

  1. Don’t try to please everyone

It’s impossible to please everyone. When you are a leader, you understand that not everyone is going to agree with you. Most people are paralysed by fear, and they want you to be paralysed too. Their criticism of you is a projection of their own uncertainty. You need to learn to ignore the noise and make decisions that sometimes may not be popular with everyone, but are necessary to keep moving forward.

  1. Don’t overthink

We make the mistake of waiting for the perfect scenario to take action. But in moments like this, there is no perfect time to act. You need to listen to your gut instinct and take action instead of procrastinating. By trying new strategies, even if they don’t work, you’re going to get the feedback that will move you closer to success.

  1. Stay in your flow

Create a structured routine and be consistent. Consistency will give you the ability to be more productive. When you are consistent, you can spot your triggers and patterns more easily. Keep adjusting your routine until you find what puts you into the flow.

  1. Focus on your wins

We hold ourselves back by focusing on our failures instead of counting our wins. The moment you focus on how you created progress, then you can build momentum. You can’t build momentum standing still, and you definitely can’t build momentum looking backward.

  1. It will pass

Most people lose their certainty when they hit a challenge because they believe that whatever they’re going through is going to last forever. However, the truth is that no market lasts forever, no crisis lasts forever, and we have to believe that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. One of the phrases that I always say to my clients is that “the best is yet to come.” And if you believe that, you know that the challenges you are facing now are always temporary. That will increase your certainty level because you know that all you have to do is ride the storm out in order to find the opportunities.


"Certainty means that you know you’re going to figure things out."

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