What Are High Performance Teams?

The best kinds of teams are the ones where everyone is doing what they are passionate about and do best. These are what we call High Performance teams.

High Performance Teams give people the space to focus on their strengths and the room to put their energy into the areas they’re most passionate about. As a result, they experience unmatched synergy, and working toward goals becomes effortless and exciting.

So why doesn’t every team operate this way?

Like any major changes we make in life, constructing a High Performance Team starts with a change in mindset. It requires you and everyone on your team to be in touch with your own, personal strengths and to have roles designed around it. A High Performance Team allows you to be at your best. It’s how you create your best results and what people count on you for.

Living a life dedicated to creating this isn’t the norm; most of us, especially in school, were encouraged to work on our weaknesses instead of enhancing our strengths. Many businesses, as a result, aren’t intentional about focusing on people’s skills and talents. It takes a shift in mental energy and a step away from conventional models to harness this.

Then comes High Performance Teamwork.

Developing a High Performance Team requires a mindset revolution. It demands that, as a team, you recognise that you all have your own unique skills and growing your business exponentially means focusing on this.

One person playing to their strengths can accomplish more than several who are not. Someone who is passionate about something can complete a job faster and to a much higher skill level than multiple people working on the same task who lack that passion.

This applies to all projects and activities. Business leaders that focus on their unique strengths, even for a fraction of their time, can grow results exponentially. The same goes for team members.

Why it’s worth doing things differently.

Once you experience being part of a High Performance Team, you’ll never want to go back; it’s a dynamic that simultaneously multiplies freedom and results for everyone involved. Here are some more benefits you can expect:

Better results

When team members are engaged and making their greatest contributions, it translates into a higher quality of service or product as well as increased productivity and profitability.

Self-Managing Company

You’ll find there is very little management required when you encourage this type of work life because everyone is connected to the final result.

More time

When your team has more autonomy over the activities and projects they’d like to be involved in, it will free up your time. The tasks you don’t like doing and that drain you will be picked up by team members who actually enjoy doing them.


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