High growth leadership through exercise….

Recently there has been a lot in the press providing evidence that when we exercise we think and learn better. Key reasons for this are:

1. Blood flow – when you exercise, your blood pressure and blood flow increase across your body, brain included. And since blood carries oxygen, which brains thrive on, you’ll be better nourished to do the things you need to do.

2. Hippocampus – this part of your brain plays many roles, though one of its main responsibilities is learning and memory. Exercise increases activity in the hippocampus  which in turn improves your cognitive function

However to get the ongoing cognitive benefits of exercise you need to make it a regular thing or what I call a creative habit. It is regular exercise, rather than going all intense once in a while, which will better promote better long term cognitive health. So the next time you’re deciding between the stairs and the lift, or car and walk you’ll know which route to take!

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