High Growth Biohacks

I was fortunate to spend last week in Greece with an awesome mix of global game changers, including Dave Asprey who is a legend in the biohacking world. He has done a huge amount of research into optimising his life and health. He has distilled years of his valuable expertise into a number of biohacks which can significantly improve your life with minimal effort.

 You Can Change Your Gene Expression

One of Dave’s core concepts is that most people think that they are stuck with their genes, this is not entirely true. You can change how your DNA is expressed based on your exposome. Simply put what you do in your life, your environment, how you exercise, and what you eat all impact how your DNA is expressed. You may have a gene for cancer but if it’s turned off it doesn’t matter. The primary factors in your exposome are:

  • Environment
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Toxins
  • Emotions

All of these factors can be controlled by you. All of them have an immediate impact on your genes. Simple changes with these lifestyle choices will have the greatest impact on how you look, feel, and perform.

Five biohacks to optimise your life

  1. Maintain your Hardware – Eat optimally

Eat a high fat low starch diet. Reduce your toxin intake; maximise the food that makes you perform the best. Workout at high intensity for short, once or maybe twice a week is all it takes.

  1. Learn to use Your Body – Functional movements using the proper form, yoga, stretching

If you learn to control your muscle effectively you will avoid injuries and most muscle pains that a lot of people develop.

  1. Learn to Breath – Deep breaths from the stomach, slow and easy

Proper breathing will help control emotions. It is what is used by monks for meditation. It helps relax, calm, and focus the mind.

  1. Train Your Heart – Not cardio, high intensity training – Heart Rate Variability.

The intense workouts pump huge amounts of blood in a short period of time. This strengthens the heart and increases its performance. Heart rate variability also improves stress levels making you more balanced. It also increases your brain function, immune system, and helps you live longer.

  1. Upgrade Your Head – Eat healthy fats, meditate, fix your sleep

These will all improve mental focus and performance.. Healthy fats are amazing; everyone should be eating more healthy fats. Meditation will calm the mind and improve mental focus and clarity. Sleep is essential for brain function. Get your mind right, change your perspective, control your emotions, and learn everything you can.


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