Have you made your Bucket List?

Last week I watched The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson – a ‘must see’ movie……

In a nutshell, this is the list of the 100 things you want to do (places to go, people to meet, things to do) before you die (“kick the bucket”). Here’s why I think it’s a good idea to invest your time on this task:

1. Thinking about your list will remind you of your ‘why.’ So often, we are consumed by ‘how’ to do something (how to have a better life, make more money, spend time with family, etc.). In the process we overlook why we want these things, in essence, if we don’t know ‘why’, the ‘how’ makes little difference. The ‘why’ defines our purpose and helps to provide some motivation to persist in spite of the challenges along the way.

2. Periodically reviewing your list is a great way to re-energise. How often do we find ourselves so busy running on the ‘hamster-wheel’ of life that we lose sight of the bigger picture? By refreshing our perspective, we sharpen our focus and get back on track. Consider this: what are you more motivated to work for-what you want or what somebody else wants you to have?

3. Your reward list is ready to go. One of the most difficult things to do is to reward ourselves when we achieve a goal or milestone. We rationalize: “But there is still so much to do!” You work hard, don’t you? You deserve something special. Once you make this list, you have no excuse to deprive yourself. Now, when you set some great personal or business goals, you select the reward that accompanies their achievement.

4. You leverage the law of attraction. Read Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction to explore this phenomenon. By creating your list and sharing it, you send out a ‘vibration.’ That makes it possible for others to assist you in achieving your dreams. If you are very specific about what you want and communicate that to others, things fall into place over time. Of course this requires a positive attitude and some discipline on your part. Remember that when you construct your list.

5. Add to or build your legacy. How would you like to be remembered? Years from now, when stories are being told by your descendants at family gatherings, what distinction(s) would you like to hold? Consider the example you will set for future generations. What an awesome privilege and responsibility it is to share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience! And you had fun doing it, too! By the way, 100 is just a suggestion. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Encourage your spouse and friends to participate, and then compare your lists. You may discover something else you want to add to yours (we call this ‘market research’).

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