The Four Areas of Business Focus in 2018: Part 2

In last weeks blog I highlighted two key areas I believe all high growth businesses must focus on in the next 11 months to ensure success and stay ahead of competitors. This week I want to cover the other 2 areas which if focused on in 2018 will have a disproportionate positive contribution to the success of your business this year.

Invest in customer experiences

There is a huge shift from supply to demand happening around us. As buyers we now get to dictate how we want to be served, what we want, and what we value. The result? Companies no longer hold the power. We, the consumers, are taking back that power and demanding a whole new experience.

So, how do you get your clients to stay when demand is dictating supply? There isn’t a simple answer here but I have one piece of advice: focus on the customer experience. Forget the idea of telling your customer how to buy your product or service, involve them in the process!

Memorable experiences in 2018 will go beyond the service you deliver, it is about finding creative ways to deliver on-demand, convenient to the buyer solutions.

Build a brand that meets your customers where they are

In the digital age customers are changing the way they interact with businesses. To expand on this, your customer’s journey’s are changing, they can now evaluate and compare you with others, without you ever knowing!

If you google your business, what do you find? In this new era, it’s important to be conscious of your digital presence, and your ability to put your business in front of your potential customers where they are looking for you. Putting together a digital strategy for your business will be crucial to finding new opportunities this year.

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