Defining your rules of success

Back in my early corporate days, the office I worked in had notice board. On that board generally important information was communicated. One day a member of the team, as a joke, put a copy of Murphy’s Law on it (“If anything can go wrong it will”). That depressing quote stared out at us as a team, until one day someone wrote on it and changed it to “If anything can go wrong, fix it!” . Far more motivating!

Over the years I have collected 20 laws, principle and truisms that have guided me through times of opportunities and difficulties. Most of these are the fundamental rules I live by. They includes such principles as:

“There is always a way”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself”

“If you are not uncomfortable you are not growing”

“Don’t walk when you can run”

The examples presented above are ones that work for me.  There is no guarantee they will work for you. So I encourage you to come up with our own. Examine your own life and history, seeing what strategies consistently worked for you along the way. Then turn these strategies into your laws.  Then refer to them when times get tough reminding yourself what you are about and the principles of your success.

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